Why Use Us!


The Anglo-Eastern Group has been established in the mid 80s with a primary focus on the provision of Ship Management, Crew Management and New Building Consultancy services to third parties worldwide.

Anglo-Eastern has a pool of over 10,000 professional crewmembers and over 600 full-time qualified shore-based staff positioned globally to assist owners with their needs. Experience with employing crew from the following countries: India, China, Croatia, Philippines, Indonesia, Canada, Poland, UK, New Zealand, Myanmar, The Netherlands, Latvia and Ukraine.


Crew Management


Anglo-Eastern Group firmly believes in People, Leadership and Technical Excellence as the foundation of reliable and effective service. As a result, the group has grown steadily over the years and been rewarded with ever increasing employee loyalty. In selection of both sea and shore based staff, Anglo-Eastern maintains an industry leading standard of recruitment and training: developing its people, in a friendly, inter-active working environment, geared towards continuous improvement.


Ship Management


Anglo-Eastern Ship Management systems are geared towards achieving technical excellence in Ship Management. With many technical centers located worldwide, consistency in their management approach is critical to the effectiveness of their service.

There is practically no limit to the type of ships managed - the most important being:

  • Bulk Carriers
  • Container Ships
  • RoRos / Car Carriers
  • Tankers ( Gas , Oil , Chemicals )
  • LNG's
  • Heavy Lift Vessel
  • Yacht Carriers
  • Research Vessels
  • Offshore Vessels
  • Yachts


Anglo-Eastern Group in the World







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